A song about the artist Ralph Steadman (Here’s To You, Ralph Steadman)

Here’s song about Ralph Steadman, the artist & Hunter S Thompson collaborator. He lived in my home town of Abergele in his youth, and attended school there before going off to art school in London.Genre: Indie Pop, Retro, Alternative Rock, Psychedelic Pop.

The music is influenced by Smile & Pet Sounds-era Beach Boys / Brian Wilson, and is a tribute to both Ralph Steadman AND the late Carl Wilson. The opening chords borrow from Claire De Lune, if you can spot it. It blends Slide Guitar and a delayed pick guitar (the strokes of the artists brush). The song considers how the war and experiences in high school shaped Ralph’s fear and hatred of authority, which may in turn have fired his exceptional skill in Art. Mood of music: meditative, relaxed, chilled, mellow, spiritual.

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‘Here’s To You, Ralph Steadman’ is from the album ‘Lost Souls’ by Ice Cutters (2016).

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Lyrics to ‘Here’s To You Ralph Steadman’ by Ice Cutters

World War was the trauma that brought renaissance back

Your trail led from Wirral to Wales when they attacked

With life on the edge of a knife creation bloomed

And inside of you, the conflict will always burn


You learned a trade, escaped the dungeon

Joined the swing of post-war London

Took a punch and ended up in New York

Sketching the rich and drawing the poor


Here’s to you, Ralph Steadman

To you, Ralph Steadman (3)

We all should tribute

The man who came from our town


Outside, the bullets and bombs and madness reigned

In School a tyrannical master did the same

With fear of authority planted in your soul

You take control of the fire that’s in your art


The place was right, and you got lucky

Drew the Derby in Kentucky

Brother Hunter said ‘Let’s go on a trip’

And what a trip, the life that you lived


Here’s to you Ralph Steadman

to you Ralph Steadman (3)

We all should tribute

The man who came from our town


Repeat Chorus


Closing Instrumental