Breaking Up The Union – a song about Brexit, Britain’s vote to leave the European Union (EU)

Here is a song called ‘Breaking Up The Union’. It is a song about the British Referendum ‘Brexit’ vote to leave the European Union (EU). It looks at the consequences of sigificant changes in the political systems and how crucial it is to take it seriously and vote for whatever you believe in. The song was written in 2015 and is turning out to be quite prophetic as it considered the fall of Prime Minister David Cameron and the risk of the United Kingdom breaking up or remoulding itself into something new, akin to a United States of Britain. Style of music: Indie / Ambient / Alternative Pop with Folk Rock influences. Mood of music: relaxed, brooding, epic, chilled, meditative, rhythmic. The artists / bands who influenced the song include John Martyn, Scott Walker, Tim Hardin & Nick Drake.

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Lyrics to ‘Breaking Up The Union’ by Ice Cutters:

Why worry if you’re left or right?
No decision can be black or white
They give you odds, but the outcome is certain
Every actor must prepare for the curtain
Minds open, and curtains are drawn
The King’s fate, delivered by Pawns
You make plans, and hope they will follow
How many times, can you make them swallow?
An Election broke up the Union (3)
Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye
Your palace is a pile of bricks
It’s magic in the way that it sticks
Grant pieces to the faraway people
It keeps them happy but the power is lethal
An Election broke up the Union (3)
Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye
I’m not saying it’s going to be bad
It’s not broken, but the feeling is sad
Scattered members of the family setup
Seek fortune in a federal getup
An Election broke up the Union (3)
Goodbye, Goodbye
Goodbye, Goodbye
Goodbye, Goodbye