New Albums, 2016: Lost Souls (Alternative / Indie Music) by Ice Cutters

New album (2016). Lost Souls is the second album by Ice Cutters, A new alternative rock / indie pop album release for 2016. Highlights of this album include songs about Andy Kaufman and Ralph Steadman.  The songs & music of the band spans Classic Rock & Pop, Indie, Alternative Rock, Folk, Psychedlia, Country Rock and Americana genres.

Music influences include The Velvet Underground, Cat Stevens, The Beach Boys, The Beatles, REM, Nirvana, Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Paul McCartney, Duncan Browne, Nick Drake, Gram Parsons, Gene Clark, Tim Hardin, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, Roxy Music, The Byrds, Nick Cave, John Cale, Queen, Marc Bolan, Jackie Wilson, Chuck Berry & Buddy Holly.

Listen / Buy the album ‘Lost Souls’ by Ice Cutters (2016), from Bandcamp:


1. Andy Kaufman Lives 03:37
2. A Greek Tragedy (Spread The Wealth) 03:59
3. Here’s To You, Ralph Steadman 04:00
4. Don’t Be Cool 02:54
5. It’s Nice To Know You 03:58
6. Blue Eyed Witch OF The North 03:04
7. I Lost My Wife To Candy Crush 02:50
8. The Homebody 04:36
9. Sanctioned 03:45
10. Baby Don’t You Cry Too Much 02:59